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Newspapers and Magazines

"Ecco il quasicristallo che nasce in natura", Corriere della Sera [Italy] (Jun 2009)

"The Tiles of Infinity", Saudi Aramco World (Sep 2009)

"Exotic Quasicrystal May Represent New Type of Mineral", Scientific American (Jun 2009)

"Top 100 Science Stories of 2007: 59. Medieval Mosque Shows Amazing Math Discovery", Discover (Jan 2008)

"Wzory zagubione na pół tysiąca lat", Gazeta Wyborcza [Poland] (Feb 2007)

"Geometrische Schönheiten", Berliner Zeitung [Germany] (Feb 2007)

"Il segreto dell’architettura islamica medioevale `Usa formule matematiche del XX secolo'", La Repubblica [Italy] (Feb 2007)

"Moderne Mathematik in islamischen Ornamenten", Spektrum der Wissenschaft [Germany] (Sep 2007)

"MISTERI `Ho trovato i numeri dell'infinito nei grandi mosaici dell'Islam'", La Stampa [Italy] (Apr 2007)

"Quasikristalline islamische Muster", Spektrum der Wissenschaft [Germany] (May 2007)

"Matemática muito 'à frente' explica mosaicos islâmicos", Diario de Noticias [Portugal] (Feb 2007)

"New light on ancient patterns ; Sophisticated Islamic geometric designs in Iran predate Western discovery by 500 years", Chicago Tribune (Feb 2007)

"L’art des mosquées devance les maths", El Watan [Algeria] (Jun 2007)

"Modern mathematicians are 500 years behind", The Globe and Mail [Canada] (Feb 2007)

"Cinq siècles d'avance !", Pour la Science [France] (May 2007)

"Medieval Islamic artists made amazing maths breakthrough", Gulf News [United Arab Emirates] (Feb 2007)

"Mathematik und Kunst beim Plattenlegen", Neue Zürcher Zeitung [Switzerland] (Mar 2007)

"Medieval Islamic tiling reveals mathematical savvy", New Scientist (Feb 2007)

"Medieval Islamic architecture presages 20th century mathematics", Harvard Gazette (Mar 2007)

"In Medieval Architecture, Signs of Advanced Math", The New York Times (Feb 2007)

"Medieval Muslims made stunning maths breakthrough", Gulf Times [Qatar] (Feb 2007)

"Islamische Ornamente", Neue Zürcher Zeitung [Switzerland] (Mar 2007)

"Islamic tiles reveal sophisticated maths", Nature (Feb 2007)

"Higher Math From Medieval Islam", Newsweek (Mar 2007)

"Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough", Today's Zaman [Turkey] (Feb 2007)

"Ancient Islamic Penrose Tiles ", Science News (Feb 2007)

"Science imitates art?", The Boston Globe (Feb 2007)

"Medieval Muslims made stunning maths breakthrough", The Times of India (Feb 2007)

"Islamic Artisans Constructed Exotic Nonrepeating Pattern 500 Years Before Mathematicians", Scientific American (Feb 2007)

"Muslim Tile Patterns Show Math Prowess", The Washington Post (Feb 2007)

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