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Newspapers and Magazines

"Designs from Islamic artists streets ahead of West", New Zealand Herald (Feb 2007)

"Islamic artists were 500 years ahead of Western scientists", The Independent [UK] (Feb 2007)

"이슬람 문양 규칙성 찾았다… “4, 5개 단위로 묶으면 패턴”", dongA [South Korea] (Feb 2007)

"Moschee-Baumeister waren westlichen Mathematikern 500 Jahre voraus", Der Spiegel [Germany] (Feb 2007)

"Los mosaicos árabes, geometría de avanzada", La Nacion [Argentina] (Feb 2007)

"Puzzle der Unendlichkeit", Die Zeit [Germany] (Feb 2007)

"The art of repetition", National Post [Canada] (Feb 2007)

"Islamische Kunst: Fliesen verblüffen Mathematiker", Focus [Germany] (Feb 2007)

"Islamisk kunst forud for sin tid", Politiken [Denmark] (Feb 2007)

"Matematiker avslöjade koden till islamska mönster", Dagens Nyheter [Sweden] (Mar 2007)

"Geometrische Schönheiten", Berliner Zeitung [Germany] (Feb 2007)

"Wzory zagubione na pół tysiąca lat", Gazeta Wyborcza [Poland] (Feb 2007)

"Moderne Mathematik in islamischen Ornamenten", Spektrum der Wissenschaft [Germany] (Sep 2007)

"Il segreto dell’architettura islamica medioevale `Usa formule matematiche del XX secolo'", La Repubblica [Italy] (Feb 2007)

"Quasikristalline islamische Muster", Spektrum der Wissenschaft [Germany] (May 2007)

"MISTERI `Ho trovato i numeri dell'infinito nei grandi mosaici dell'Islam'", La Stampa [Italy] (Apr 2007)

"Speed Limit Lifted on the Pace of Evolution", Science (Feb 2006)

"Premiers diamantaires", Le Point [France] (Jun 2005)

"Earliest use of diamonds by Chinese found", China Daily (Feb 2005)

"The high tech of prehistory", The Christian Science Monitor (Mar 2005)

"Diamant und Korund in Chinas Jungsteinzeit", Neue Zürcher Zeitung [Switzerland] (Jun 2005)

"Il y a 6 000 ans, les Chinois polissaient au diamant", Le Figaro [France] (May 2005)

"Ancient diamond secret bared", Shanghai Daily [China] (Feb 2005)

"Premiers outils durs", La Recherche [France] (Apr 2005)

"Stone-Age tools", The Tribune [Chandigarh, India] (Feb 2005)

"Steinzeitliche Diamantschleifer", Spektrum der Wissenschaft [Germany] (Apr 2005)

"In the Buff: Stone Age tools may have derived luster from diamond", Science News (Feb 2005)

"In China, gems used as tools millennia earlier than thought", Harvard Gazette (Feb 2005)

"Spirales chinoises", La Recherche [France] (Sep 2004)

"Tılsımlı Yüzük", Atlas Geographic [Turkey] (Sep 2004)

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