So I finally got ahold of CNN, and here's the updated article with some quotes: years 50 weeks ago
Hey, CNN, I didn't return your phone call for a grand total of 1 hour because I was sitting in class! Sheesh! years 50 weeks ago
@peterjameslu Congrats! Technically, your Islamic paper was mentioned, but not cited, in the first sentence. — 5 years 50 weeks ago
And my Islamic quasicrystal discovery is in the press release for the quasicyrstal chem Nobel prize!!! years 50 weeks ago
Congrats to Danny Schectman for winning Nobel Prize in chem for quasicrystals! 2 of MY papers cited by Nobel committee: years 50 weeks ago
For once, I'm rootin' for the Yankees. — 5 years 51 weeks ago
@peterjameslu All six? I can't sit through any of the ones with "young Anny." — 6 years 3 weeks ago
Just finished hurricane-day complete six-movie Star Wars marathon with bff-cousin @AnnaJTam. — 6 years 3 weeks ago
Could pol. corr. work environ. (can't compliment female colleague on phys. attractiveness) drive women from science? years 5 weeks ago
Rebecca Black = Quasicrystals? Everything's in Ark Music latest vid: 2D fractal (Sierpinski gasket @ 0:45) & 5-pt stars: years 7 weeks ago
Congrats to @peterjameslu & Thomas Glassford on the article on the Girih building in Mexico City years 8 weeks ago
Better than citations, when your SCIENCE paper's finding turns into a national monument: years 8 weeks ago
@peterjameslu good, you got it to work! — 6 years 9 weeks ago
Teared up at final Space Shuttle landing this morning (sat right by control tower, visible at 00:26): years 9 weeks ago

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